Owners services

You are an individual, you want to rent your apartment or you already rent, or you’re just not available. MARIPOSA team offers a simple and economical concierge service for your needs. We offer you to meet and to establish all the possibilities for the rent of your property.


  • Accurate inventory with owner
  • Sending mail to the tenant with a questionnaire about its interests
  • Setting up the appointment with the tenant (means of acces and hours).
  • Reception of the tenant (check in global) and keys.
  • The welcome basket « parisian products »
  • Delivery of the book to the tenant and the questionnaire of satisfaction
  • Availability for the duration of stay
  • Maintenance and operation if necessary
  • occasional passages


  • Setting the appointment for the departure
  • Meter reading gas and electricity
  • Check condition of the apartment (bins emptied, dishes done and put away by the tenant).
  • Recovery of the satisfaction questionnaire
  • Departure of the tenant (complete check out) and key recovery
  • Household outlet
  • Sending eventuels omissions of the tenant (actual cost to the tenant)


  • Provision by the owner : vacuum cleaner, board, linens, stool, window squeegee
  • Supply of cleaning products (if redeem those below the actual cost)
  • Thorough cleaning : kitchen bathroom, restroom, garbage
  • Cleaning of household appliances : oven, microwave,refrigerator
  • Floor cleaning
  • Change of linen (except for the use of linen cleaning service)

Household Gold

  • Service cleaning machine
  • Cleaning service during stay
  • Service change of linen during your stay
  • Windows service
  • Great cleaning service
  • Response and maintenance

Rate owners


Every owner wants to welcome its guests in its own reference. We are here, to define a range of tailored services. Package depending on the size or services « unit »

0 to 30m2

31 to 50m2

51 to 80m2

81 to 100m2

101 to 130m2

131 to 150m2